Wakelet – wade into this wonderful world to save, organize and share your content !

Foreword – Do read this post by Teachforthought – every point resonated with me completely

Why Teaching Is The Best Job In The World (teachthoLearning Networks (PLN)\nCreating exclusive spaces for my own resources for easyught.com)

The potential to transform lives equipping them with 21st century skills and with strategies for building strong emotional and mental health profiles

A chance to continuously be creative – always trying to think and do things differently

Opportunities to always get better – the teacher community is immensely supportive. I always have a chance to learn from best practices around the world – attending webinars, PD courses, book reading clubs – the possibilities for growth are limitless.

It is a grounding, humbling profession – oh yes! Always putting the needs of the children first does ground you and changes perspectives

There is always satisfaction somewhere – true. Making a difference in the lives of so many students year after year, also continuously getting better and more creative yourself

It is truly a chance to lead the world into the 21st centuryteachers build the world – the leaders, the artists, the doctors, the musicians – all of them

The children – the ones who have our heart – and for whom we do it all, day after day, after day.

The next part of this blog post correlates with points number 2 and 3 – finding creative ways to engage with students online and looking for opportunities to always get better...

Beginning to harness the potential of Wakelet

I had used Wakelet once in the last academic session – as a collaboration tool for one learning engagement with the students, and somehow just never got around to using it again.

Of late, I have been hearing about Wakelet from just about everywhere, and now that the current academic session has ended – I decided to explore this tool once again and was amazed at the potential.

The Wakelet Surf school illustrates the potential beautifully

Wakelet – Surf School

Wakelet is more than just a tool for collaborating with students. It can be –

  • A tool for collaborating with colleagues and Professional Learning Networks (PLN)
  • Creating exclusive spaces for my own resources for easy accessibility and sharing
  • Creating lesson plans for students

….and so much more. The image below shows how many fascinating possibilities are there for the teacher community to tap into!

Armed with renewed enthusiasm, I went back to my dormant Wakelet account, and this is what I did –

  • I first created dedicated spaces for the different aspects of my teacher life. This is what my home page looks like on Wakelet. The small icons you see in the top left corner are the dedicated spaces for
    • Professional development
    • Student related stuff
    • Resources
  • I then started creating my collections under each space.
    • For eg. under professional development I have included resources and links from webinars I have attended.
    • The Resources space has a collection of Math and English resources, a collection of visible thinking routines (Image inserted below)
    • I also have a collection of Wakelet resources to guide me in my Wakelet journey!
  • Under each collection, and this is the part I really liked, one can add text, a website link, a video link, upload a pdf – you name it. I found it fascinating that an entire lesson plan can be created using Wakelet. I defintely plan to try this out in the new academic session. Am sharing a lesson plan here for reference – (you can see the combination of text, images and embedded links that would make it so engaging for students).
  • Link to the lesson plan is shared below –

Student Leadership Lesson Plan – Wakelet

I created a collection for all my blog posts too – just loved the appearance – in a grid view as you can see in the image below. So easy to view and access. The image also shows how you can add a new item to your collection – just click on the + sign and paste a link / upload a file and/or add text.

Concluding with a short poem I composed – 

I have taken baby steps in exploring Wakelet

There is a lot to learn yet

Am eager to explore and find out more

so that learning does not become a chore


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