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Are you ever too old to learn something new?

Learn something new…try something different…convince yourself that you have no limits..and you shall never feel old.

I attribute my willingness to learn and try something new to my students. I spend so much time with these young ones – and truly believe that they are storehouses of positive energy – each and every one of them. I have imbibed this positive energy that keeps me going – challenging myself to keep trying something new. I receive my most valuable feedback from them too!!

I have recently launched my Youtube channel – MakingMathMagical.

Intro animation and music credit – Anushka Trakroo


My idea behind this Youtube channel was to be able to reach a wider community of students – what I share with my class of 20 – Youtube makes it possible to share with a class of infinity ….

The idea germinated a few months back – the heart of my math teaching is to simplify math, to take away the fear/phobia surrounding math for some students.

In my class, I use Vedic math strategies, mental math tips and tricks that makes calculation easy for students, some strategies help in comprehending math problems – (okay, just thinking – why are they called problems? Automatically makes you feel its something difficult or tricky, right? Can’t they be called situations or something else instead).

I used the summer vacation (one of the benefits of being a teacher 😉) to conceptualise and record some videos. It was honestly a painstaking and sometimes frustrating process. I browsed though a few Youtube tutorials (on Youtube ) and was encouraged to realise that I could start my journey with just my phone camera and my laptop to start with.

I invested in a mic and a ring light and got down to scripting and recording my intro. Took me 20 tries I think to get that right – and still it was not perfect. However, for me the content and the message I wanted to convey was more important and so I went ahead with it.

As a teacher the message I convey is that learning anything new is a process and one should be looking to make progress, however slow it may be. Why not treat myself with that same kindness? After all, I started this journey for myself – to learn something new, and to benefit a community of students – not to make money (in the short term at least 😎 )

I am truly humbled and filled with gratitude at the amazing response and feedback I have received since the launch of my channel 2 weeks back – mostly actually from adults. It’s never too late to learn a few tricks, right!!

I plan to upload one video every week or so – I am looking forward to beginning a new session this coming week with the students – I learn so much from them! The focus as of now is math strategies, let’s see where this journey takes me 💁‍♀️

If you like the strategies I am sharing in the videos, don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button and the bell icon to give a boost to an emerging Youtuber 😊. And if you’re feeling extra kind, leave me a little comment too! 🙌

In all my years, I never would have thought I would be called this – but can I admit that it’s such a thrill to be called a YouTuber. 🥰